What are the most common Australian household pests?

Take a look at our list of the most common pests found in Australian homes.

Termites: These are Australia’s most destructive pests, with an average of 1 in 4 homes suffering from an infestation in their lifetime. They can cause extensive damage requiring costly repairs – and these repairs are often not covered by home insurance policies


Mice: Mice constantly gnaw and chew, causing damage to furnishings, food, internal timber and cavity walls. They are active all year round and these rodents are also known to spread disease both directly and indirectly, as well as attracting snakes into homes.

Cockroaches: Cockroaches prefer to live in warm, dark and moist areas of the home such as inside kitchen cupboards, under refrigerators and stoves, inside wall cavities and behind furniture and appliances. They will often emerge after dark, during which time they forage for food and mate. Known for their habit of contaminating food and surfaces with their droppings, there is also strong evidence to suggest that they are potential carriers of disease.

Wasps: Large wasp nests can contain over 25,000 wasps and can be found in lofts, wall cavities, trees, bushes and even underground. If wasps have become a problem in your garden they can enter your home through open doors and windows, and potentially delivering a painful sting which can be life threatening to anyone with an allergy to stings.
Clothes Moths: These pests lay sticky eggs on clothing and the white caterpillar larvae feed on clothes, carpets and upholstery, causing huge amounts of damage in the process. These moths prefer dirty fabric and are particularly attracted to carpeting and clothing that contains human sweat or liquid spills.
Bed Bugs: These bugs are small, brownish insects that live on the blood of humans and animals. Their hiding places are typically in mattresses, box springs, bed frames and headboards where they have easy access to people to bite during the night. Bed bugs can fit into very tiny spaces and are often difficult to find, therefore professional eradication of this pest is recommended.

Flies: A notoriously common Australian pest, flies are not just a nuisance – they can pose a health risk to humans, pets and livestock and spread diseases such as Salmonella and E. coli. Some species such as the March fly can even deliver a painful bite to humans and animals.
Ants: Adult ants enter houses in search of food and can build nests in walls and foundations, indoor potted plants and even cavities in toilets and sinks. Several species of ants pose serious health risks to people who are sensitive to their stings, and other species are known to carry disease.

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