Termites: These are Australia’s most destructive pests, with an average of 1 in 4 homes suffering from an infestation in their lifetime. And believe it or not, it is estimated that there are 360 species right here in Australia!

Out of those 360 species of termites it is only a small number of them that will cause damage to the timber in your home. The majority of termites are actually beneficial to our ecosystems in that they only go after dead and rotting timber, trees and plants recycling as they go. In addition to that, they are a protein packed source of food for many animals. But those guys that enjoy fresh, healthy timber can cause extensive damage requiring costly repairs – and we have found in many instances that these repairs are often not covered by home insurance policies.

In 2006 after finding that 150,000 Melbourne homes had already suffered some form of termite attack the CSIRO called for Victoria to declare itself a termite zone as it was the only state in Australia that had not done so. It said termites cost Australia $780 million annually, more than the cost of bushfires and storms combined.

"Termites are thriving," said CSIRO entomologist Jim Creffield, who has researched termites for more than 35 years.

The chances of your home or building suffering a termite attack is extremely high and owners have the opportunity to greatly reduce that risk and save many thousands of dollars simply by having a regular inspection.

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